blue4 blues071004b IMG_20130626_074306_384 IMG_20140724_134159838U-Pick Blueberries

We get a lot of U-Pickers from Chicago area, they like to pick, relax and eat, pick again, and maybe go to one of the several beaches on the lake that are within 7-15 miles from the farm.Our hours are 8am-6pm 7 days a week July thru August for berries, syrup every day. The Organic berries are starting to pick up, a lot of younger couples with kids. This is a 150 year old farm that has been in the same family and it’s been a family run operation all those years. When you come to the farm you will meet, talk, and get your questions answered by the owner. We are now (2017) taking credit cards as payment as well as cash and checks